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Please note that various screens will display colors differently and therefore these colors are only approximations 

Glazed Calf Leather

Ice White NL

Pizzi Light NL

Bone NL

Baby Yellow NL

Danger Yellow NL

Mustard NL

Café Latte NL

Clay NL

Saddle NL

Dark Brown NL

Black NL

Navy NL

Charcoal NL

Slate Blue NL

Sky Blue NL

Grape NL

Lavender NL

Baby Blue NL

Turquoise NL

Aqua NL

Pistachio NL

Lime NL

Sea Breeze NL

Apple NL

Kelly Green NL

Light Olive NL

Dark Olive NL

Burgundy NL

Red NL

Rosso NL

Orange NL

Magenta NL

Pink NL

Baby Pink NL

Coral NL

Salmon NL

Caramel NL

Integrale NL

Wyoming Leather

Black WY

Dark Brown WY

Dark Green WY

Patagonia WY

Navy WY

Purple WY

Aqua WY

Pink WY

Orange WY

Fuchsia WY

Red WY

Primitivo WY

Burgundy WY

Okra WY

Yellow WY

Camel Shine WY

Pizzi Light WY

Bone WY

White WY


Old Fashion Calf Leather

Black SH

Green SH

Violet SH

Ocean SH

Mokka SH

Maroon SH

Chestnut SH

Red SH

Miele SH

Naturale SH

Patent Leather

White Patent

Yellow Patent

Orange Patent

Cognac Patent

Cherry Patent

Black Patent

Dark Brown Patent

Tan Patent

Gray Patent

Moss Green Patent

Navy Patent

Metallic Leather

Gold Metallic

Bronze Metallic

Cream Rose Metallic

Pewter Metallic

Platinum Vegetable Metallic

Silver Metallic

Red Metallic

Pink Metallic

Aqua Metallic

Citrus Metallic

Barrocco Leather

Black Barrocco

Dark Brown Barrocco

Green Barrocco

Mint Barrocco

Yellow Barrocco

Gray Barrocco

White Barrocco

Suede Leather

Black Suede

Maroon Suede

Café Suede

Pumpkin Suede (Limited Availability)

Sand Suede

Moss Suede

Camel Suede

Hunter Suede

Sapphire Suede

Burgundy Suede

Violet Suede (Limited Availability)

Hair Leather

** Currently Not Available for Online Custom Sandal Orders - If Interested, Please Inquire by Phone **

Black Hair

Dark Brown Hair

White Hair

Pink Hair

Fuchsia Hair

Orange Hair

Dusty Blue Hair

Lime Hair

Cow Print White Hair

Zebra Print White Hair

Zebra Print Camel Hair


Natural Leather

Burgundy Latigo Natural

Latigo Natural

Vegetable Natural